4 Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

While many think that exercise is enough to produce weight loss results, the key may actually be in your nutrition. The saying goes, “You cannot out train a bad diet,” and for most this statement is true!

Did you know…? You can easily eat 500 calories in 15 minutes while it can take over an hour to burn off the same amount of calories. This means several hours in the gym won’t be able to undo a week-long food binge. So, get the most bang for your buck by incorporating exercise and these nutrition tips for weight loss into your healthy living routine.
Don’t Eliminate Food Groups
Carbs, fats — we live in fear of them as we try to lose weight. But, in reality, our body needs them to function. The problem comes into play when we over consume food rather than taking in the proper portions for our daily needs. For example, carbohydrates provide immediate energy for the body. If you try to take them away, you tend to feel irritable and lethargic. On the other hand, fat found in food can actually help you lose weight by keeping you satisfied between meals. If you cut either of these food groups out, you may end up over eating and binging on them once you give yourself a little bit of freedom. Moderation and portion control is key.
1. Fill Up On Vegetables
Feeling hungry is a natural part of dieting. But when you have those hunger pangs, it is crucial that healthy decisions be made. So, do you satisfy your immediate craving with a bag of chips or a bowl of steamed veggies? In this case, the vegetables are the better option since they will leave you feeling fuller due to the volume of the food. If cooked properly, the veggies will also have less carbohydrates, fat and total calories in comparison to the chips.
For example:
1 serving of chips (41 g) = 220 calories, 14 g of fat and 21 g of carbs
1 serving of steamed vegetables (98 g) = 30 calories, 0 g of fat and 4 g of carbs
The vegetable serving weighs twice as much as the serving of chips, but you save nearly 200 calories.

2. Get The Protein In

The thought of eating 5-6 times a day may be nauseating to most. So drink your meals! My go-to to get a decent amount of protein is by using the NEW Dymatize Iso-100 Clear. The taste is amazing while providing 40 grams of protein and BCAA’s. (Try the fruit punch flavor-it doesn’t disappoint)
3. Eat What Your Body Needs
The majority of us tend to overeat… so what is the magic number of calories needed for weight loss? The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all for calorie consumption and weight loss. Each individual has a specific daily calorie need based on things such as height, age, activity level and lean muscle mass. To find out how many calories you need a day, use this basal metabolic rate calculator for an estimate to help you get started. You add additional calories to your basal metabolic rate based on activity level (which burn more calories). If you remain inactive but continue to consume excess calories than your daily needs, overtime you will gain weight.
4. Avoid the Boxes
While they may seem convenient, food that has been prepackaged tends to be a disaster for weight loss plans. The reason is because a lot of these items contain several preservatives, tons of unnecessary sodium and unpronounceable ingredients. You can skip the bloat by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh meat and produce. This way you know exactly what is in your food, you can season it to taste and you save tons of money in the process!
5. Don’t Skip Meals
Skipping meals means eating less calories – right?! Not necessarily. When we skip meals we tend to become more ravenous and hungry as the day goes on. Once we allow ourselves to eat again, we tend to overeat. It is your body’s way of keeping energy (food calories) at a high enough level for proper function. You are better off eating several planned and smaller meals throughout the day to help keep you satisfied and on track.
Losing weight is not an easy task. Try adding these nutrition tips for weight loss to your current routine for some additional assistance on your journey. If you remain consistent, over time you will begin to see the results you are looking for.

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